Network Marketing – Rejection! Can You Take It?

In the area of Network Marketing, many people come and go because they join with the

preconceived idea that it’s going to be easy.  However, reality strikes hard when they

realize that “asking” and “asking” again has to become a part of their Network Marketing

spiel.  For one to succeed in network marketing, REJECTION is something they are going

to have to eliminate through personal development.

Neophytes in Network Marketing are afraid to ASK for fear of looking foolish and

stupid.  But they’re MOSTLY afraid of experiencing rejection.  If one is not willing to face

rejection, or is not willing to out grow it, then this industry is not for them.

Understand that, one has nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking.  It’s been

said that, F.E.A.R is:  False Evidence Appearing Real.  Rejection is nothing but a ‘state of

mind’.  You won’t get hurt by asking then being rejected.  Have the courage to get pass this


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The Importance Of Selling Yourself First


The Importance Of Selling Yourself First

Key Point:  Before you can sell anything to anyone, the selling of yourself must come first.

What does it mean to “sell yourself”?

It means gaining the trust and confidence of those individuals to whom you are selling

your product, service, or ideas.  In this process, building credibility and establishing

rapport is of utmost importance, but never forget, being likable is critically more

important.  Having this type of relationship prior to asking for the sale may take down any

barriers that may have existed.  It allows your prospect to be more receptive and open

minded to your proposition.  Think about it.  Are you more likely to buy a product or

service from a complete stranger, someone you’ve never met, or from a good friend.  And

sometimes friends do buy products just because you’re their friend.

Selling yourself is made up of 5 factors:

1.  Trust

2.  Confidence

3.  Rapport

4.  Credibility

5.  Likability

Build these skillsets into yourself and you’ll see the difference it makes.  I’ve been in sales

for a good part of my life.  From selling vacuums to cemetery property to money as a

banker, etc.  These 5 factors will work for you, if you work on having them in your selling


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