What Does An Entrepreneur Do? Gives Hope!


People In Crisis Need Hope

There are many people who are at a crucial stage or turning point in there lives when it comes to their personal finances.

The wind of despair has snuffed out the light at the end of their personal tunnel.  And they are seeking the internet on a daily

basis looking for some kind of hope that could provide the answer to their financial troubles.  As they face their future, with hope,

and as they continue to search and google certain key phrases, they’ll find that many people, regardless of ethnicity, have come

across the very seemingly hopeless situation they are currently experiencing.  And as they continue to read about these people,

it begins to fuel inspiration and energy to their once hopeless lives.  Their internal realization triggers the idea that,  if these

people can be successful, so can they.  And that is the beauty of entrepreneurship; anyone can be successful if they aren’t

allergic to the idea of WORK.

People In Crisis Need Motivation

It’s been said that people are always seeking to be lead.  People for the most part are followers.  And there is absolutely nothing

wrong with that.  It’s only wrong when a person has no desire to grow on a personal level.  Here is where you come in.  As an

entrepreneur, provide them the vision and the hope necessary to rise above their circumstances.  And in so doing, here is what

eventually happens:  followers with a personal vision won’t remain  followers forever.  They’ll have the initiative to be proactive in

growing themselves to where they too will consequently add value to the lives of other people. It becomes a cycle of what I call,

“growth and give”.  So here’s your task as an entrepreneur in the industry of Network Marketing:  Build people and provide value

to their lives.  Motivate them to aspire to greater heights in their lives because it’s possible and necessary.  It is your moral duty

to inspire, motivate, and guide people to pursue greater heights in their lives.  So let this be said.  So let this be done.



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