Becoming Like Water


Becoming Like Water

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From a young child growing up, I have always enjoyed watching and reading after Bruce Lee.  Not only was he an amazing martial artist and philosopher, but he was also a great student of life.  You could sense his zeal and passion for life just simply by the way  he spoke.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything that he said, but I nonetheless enjoyed the person that he was and some of his sayings.

 I especially like the quote “…….be water my friend.”  (quote embedded in the photo above)
Life will deal lethal blows to every one of us on a daily basis in the form of obstacles and challenges.
Understand that, everything that has life, from the smallest to the largest living organism, will eventually be tested.  It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN.
How you handle and perceive the challenges of your life will determine the strength or weakness of your character.
You will either flounder and fail, or you’ll fly and rise to full capacity as our creator would have you to.
Water, like life, is a forever flowing continuum.  Water, however, has the tendency to manipulate it’s way through whatever is placed in it’s path.  It will circumvent, go over, go under, power through, and even erode the substance before it to finally establish it’s course.
It has the power to find it’s own level.
Life was meant to be lived with power and strength.  However, a certain amount of our population has allowed, and subordinated itself to the hardships and demands of life and called it quits.
Life will give it’s way only to those who’ll have the courage to rise to the occasion, who’ll have the intestinal fortitude to grab life by it’s throat and circumvent, go over, go under, power through, until what you are seeking is in front of you to grasp.
The “water” of your life we’ll either find it’s course to a dead, stale, stagnant pond, or find it’s way to the vastness of the roaring ocean where life is forever present.
Will you choose to power through, or will you choose to just “go with the flow”  because it’s the path of least resistance?
The first proposition is what I’d like to choose for you, because believe me, I have stood and preached before a crowd of many unfortunates, and they are not happy with where they are.
Remember, the human body is composed of 70% water.  Continue to provide your body with this life giving element.  Disallow the dehydrating effects of your existence from living an awesome and powerful life.
Aloha & Mahalo

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