Network Marketing and the Learning Curve

Network Marketing and the Learning Curve 

With anything new, there will always be a degree of learning that will need to be done.  Network Marketing is not an exception.  There are many resources that are available online that you can dive into to shorten this learning curve.

Here are 3 things that you can implement into your new business education:

1.   Read any and all the materials you can get your hands on pertaining to this particular industry.  Be sure to take notes on how successful network marketers have gone from ground zero to where they currently are in their success with this industry.  Be coachable as to how they went about in building their particular business.  Implement the tactics that they teach whether it’s old school or new online marketing.  Remember, they were where you are at one time.


 2.    Devote yourself to personal development.  There is not another industry in the world that will test your emotions as Network Marketing will.  Be ready to align yourself vicariously by reading books that are authored by people who understand this industry.  Learn to feed your mind with material that will encourage, motivate, and keep you inspired; because, believe me, there will be many a days when you will want to throw in the towel so to speak, and just quit.  When that day comes, and because you had already been feeding your mind with the materials I had just suggested, quitting won’t be an option, because in the back of your mind you’ll know that this industry is possible to provide exactly what you are looking for.


2.  Listen to Network marketing trainings.  A lot of this you can simply find on Youtube.  Make a habit to be on a quest to learn from the best.  It’s been said that “success leaves clues”.  This is absolutely true.  You’ll find many videos of successful Network Marketers on Youtube who are worth listening to.  Be coachable and learn what it is that they are teaching.   They are where they are because they’ve already gone through the fire.  Make notes of the who, what, when, where, how and why.  But more importantly, be quick to implement the things that you learn.  Don’t learn just for the sake of learning.  Learn to learn and quickly apply what you learn.


Many in this industry have had their start in humble beginnings.  The thing that you need to incessantly tell yourself is this, “if they can do it, so can I”.  Be persistently consistent, don’t quit, and you’ll eventually find yourself in that circle amongst those who have already made it.  Continue to be encouraged because the ride you are about to take in this industry is going to be a very bumpy one and sometimes very lonely.  So now, get moving because I believe you can do it.






Becoming Like Water


Becoming Like Water

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From a young child growing up, I have always enjoyed watching and reading after Bruce Lee.  Not only was he an amazing martial artist and philosopher, but he was also a great student of life.  You could sense his zeal and passion for life just simply by the way  he spoke.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything that he said, but I nonetheless enjoyed the person that he was and some of his sayings.

 I especially like the quote “…….be water my friend.”  (quote embedded in the photo above)
Life will deal lethal blows to every one of us on a daily basis in the form of obstacles and challenges.
Understand that, everything that has life, from the smallest to the largest living organism, will eventually be tested.  It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN.
How you handle and perceive the challenges of your life will determine the strength or weakness of your character.
You will either flounder and fail, or you’ll fly and rise to full capacity as our creator would have you to.
Water, like life, is a forever flowing continuum.  Water, however, has the tendency to manipulate it’s way through whatever is placed in it’s path.  It will circumvent, go over, go under, power through, and even erode the substance before it to finally establish it’s course.
It has the power to find it’s own level.
Life was meant to be lived with power and strength.  However, a certain amount of our population has allowed, and subordinated itself to the hardships and demands of life and called it quits.
Life will give it’s way only to those who’ll have the courage to rise to the occasion, who’ll have the intestinal fortitude to grab life by it’s throat and circumvent, go over, go under, power through, until what you are seeking is in front of you to grasp.
The “water” of your life we’ll either find it’s course to a dead, stale, stagnant pond, or find it’s way to the vastness of the roaring ocean where life is forever present.
Will you choose to power through, or will you choose to just “go with the flow”  because it’s the path of least resistance?
The first proposition is what I’d like to choose for you, because believe me, I have stood and preached before a crowd of many unfortunates, and they are not happy with where they are.
Remember, the human body is composed of 70% water.  Continue to provide your body with this life giving element.  Disallow the dehydrating effects of your existence from living an awesome and powerful life.
Aloha & Mahalo

Get Committed to the Process

Get Committed to the Process!


The Process is a Learning Curve

In any endeavor one decides to partake there will always be a system

that needs to be learned before one could ever be effective or profitable.

Learning any system usually takes time and effort and a willingness to

learn and implement new ideas, techniques, and proven methodologies.

Now then, I suppose the central question would be:  Are you willing to

stick  around for awhile to learn that system?  It could take a week, a

month, or maybe even longer.  Another question to ask is:  Will it be

worth your time and effort to learn the system?  If what you’re learning is

within the area of your passion then I would suggest that you stick to

learning the process.

The Process is Implementation    

Now that you’ve learned the needed skills, it’s time to put them to use.

Implementation is usually redundant work.  It’s applying the basic skills

you’ve learned over and over again until you get the desired results.

The Process Takes Patience

Here’s the kicker when working through the process.  If you don’t have

the patience necessary to see a proven method through, then I would

venture to guess that, you will eventually be among those who say that the

program involved with the process is a total scam, and that it just doesn’t

work.  All to often, particularly in the area of Network Marketing, people

quit before they ever get started.  It’s like going on an Alaskan Boat Cruise

and asking to get off because  the ship is only traveling at 20 knots and

that you want to get there faster.

It’s sad to say, but it’s true.  People, many of them, have a lottery

mentality where they want to see the results NOW.  People just aren’t

willing to put in the necessary WORK.

If you learn to get addicted to the process and stop worrying so much

about the results, you’ll eventually get to where you want to be.






The Truth About Cancer

The Truth About Cancer


“One of the first duties of a physician is to educate the masses not to take   medication.” ~ William Osler (1849 – 1919)

The only thing doctors are taught in medical school is how to prescribe medical drugs, and the Drug Lobby sees to it that this happens.  You need to understand that the cancer epidemic sweeping through our nation is a monopoly being funded by the “big boys” who have all the money in the world, and are not about to see their big money game go down the drain.

Fifty percent of Americans now living will experience some kind of cancer, and will be encouraged to go through chemotherapy, which by the way gives doctors a big financial kick-back when patients follow through with this kind of suggestion by their doctor.  After all, doctors know everything, right?

Let me give you a word that may be foreign to your vocabulary:

“conspiracy” defined:

  1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
  2. An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.
  3. A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design.

If you can’t see this in our world, particularly in the Pharmaceutical Industry, then you must be hiding under a rock.

Understand that, if a “cure” (which I believe they already have) is found for cancer the “big boys” will lose all their profits.















The Omnipotence of CHOICE!

The Omnipotence of CHOICE!



I want you at this moment to look at your life and ask yourself this one

simple question, “Am I happy with where I am in life?”  Because where

you are is a reciprocative result of the choices you’ve made up until now.

The choices you make on a daily basis, whether they’re major or minor,

will have an interrelated recourse on the person you become.


You were born with a free volitional will.  In so many words, and it

somewhat rings true that, you are truly the “captain of your soul”.

Nothing and no one can coerce you into accepting or doing anything that

is contrary to how you feel.  Guess who makes that decision?  YOU!


You have the power to accept or deny certain ideas or ideologies.  And

based on your personal choices, you’ll either become the person you’ll

dread looking at in the mirror, or proud of the person you’ve grown into.


Remember this simple truth:  CHOICES are always ever present.  From

what you eat, to what you wear, to what you think, to what you believe,

etc.   When making a choice, be certain to engage all the faculties of your

mind interlaced with common sense and wisdom, and by doing so, you’ll

have an upper hand on the “fool” who hastily comes to a decision

regarding weighty matters………his life, soul, and ultimate destination.




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The Greatest Salesman in the World………….. By Og Mandino

The Greatest Salesman in the World By Og Mandino 

Only principles endure and these I now possess, for the laws that will lead me to greatness are contained in the words of these scrolls.

Principle #1 – Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.  Keep it always in mind and you will overcome seemingly impossible obstacles that are certain to confront you as they do everyone with ambition.  Never feel shame for trying and failing for he who has never failed is he who has never tried.

Principle #2 – I will form good habits and become their slave.  If I must be a slave to habit let me be a slave to good habits.  My bad habits must be destroyed and new furrows prepared for good seed.  Each principle in these scrolls will drive a bad habit from my life and replace it with one which brings me closer to success.  For it is another of nature’s laws that only a habit can subdue another habit.  As I repeat the words daily contained in these scrolls they will soon become a part of my active mind.  Eventually I will find myself reacting to all situations which confront me as I was commanded in the scrolls to react.  Thus a new and good habit is born. 

Principle #3 – I will greet this day with love in my heart.  Love is the greatest secret of success in all ventures.  I will laud my enemies and they will become my friends; I will encourage my friends and they will become my brothers.  Always will I dig for reasons to applaud; never will I scratch for excuses to gossip.  I will love all manners of men for each has qualities to be admired even though they be hidden.  But how will I react to the adversity of others?  With love.  For just as love is my weapon to open the hearts of men, love is also my shield to repulse the arrows of hate and the spears of anger.

Principle #4 – I will persist until I succeed.  I was not delivered into this world in defeat, nor does failure course through my veins.  I am not a sheep waiting to be led to the slaughter.  I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep.  I will remember the ancient law of averages and I will bend it to my good.  I will persist with knowledge that each failure to sell will increase my chance for success at the next attempt.

Principle #5 – I will increase my knowledge of the world.  Within me burns a flame which has been passed from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am, and I will.  I will increase my knowledge of mankind, myself, and the goods I sell, thus my sales will multiply.  I will practice, and improve, and polish the words I utter to sell my goods, for this is the foundation on which I will build my career… Also I will seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted.  I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems are in truth great opportunities in disguise.

Principle #6 – I will live this day as if it is my last.  Yesterday is buried forever and I will think of it no more.  Forgetting yesterday neither will I think of tomorrow.  Should I torment myself with problems that may never come to pass?  No!  I will avoid with fury the killers of time.  Procrastination I will destroy with action; doubt I will bury under faith; fear I will dismember with confidence.  The duties of today I shall fulfill today.  I will make every hour count and each minute I will trade only for something of value.  And if this day is not my last, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks.

Principle #7 – Today I will be master of my emotions.  All nature is a cycle of moods and I am a part of nature and so, like the tides, my moods will rise; my moods will fall.  If I bring joy and enthusiasm and brightness and laughter to my customers they will react with joy and enthusiasm and brightness and laughter and my weather will produce a harvest of sales and a granary of gold for me.  Weak is he who permits his emotions to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his emotions.  If I feel sad I will laugh.  If I fear I will plunge ahead.  If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come. If I become overconfident I will recall my failures.  If I feel complacency I will remember my competition.  I will master my moods through positive action and when I master my moods I will control my destiny.

Principle #8 – I will laugh at the world.  I will chuckle and my burdens will be lightened; I will laugh and my life will be lengthened for this is the great secret of long life.  And most of all, I will laugh at myself for man is most comical when he takes himself too seriously.  Four words I will train myself to say until they become a habit so strong that immediately they will appear in my mind whenever good humor threatens to depart from me.  These four words are: This too shall pass.  And with my laughter all things will be reduced to their proper size.  I will laugh at my failures and they will vanish in clouds of new dreams; I will laugh at my successes and they will shrink to their true value.

Principle #9 – Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold.  And how will I accomplish this?  First I will set goals for the day, the week, the month, the year, and my life.  Just as the rain must fall before the wheat will crack its shell and sprout, so must I have objectives before my life will crystallize.  The height of my goals will not hold me in awe.  If I stumble I will rise and my falls will not concern me for all men must stumble often to reach the hearth.  I will always announce my goals to the world.  I will always raise my goals as soon as they are attained.  Yet, never will I proclaim my accomplishments.  Let the world instead, approach me with praise and may I have the wisdom to receive it in humility. 

Principle #10 – I will act now.  My dreams are worthless, my plans are dust, my goals are impossible.  All are of no value unless they are followed by action.  I will act now.  I will act now.  I will act now.  Henceforth, I will repeat these words again and again each day until the words become as much a habit as my breathing and the actions which follow become as instinctive as the blinking of my eyelids.  Only action determines my value in the market place and to multiply my value I will multiply my actions.  I will walk where the failure fears to walk.  I will work when the failure seeks rest.  Success will not wait.  If I delay she will become betrothed to another.
The Salesman’s Prayer I will pray, but my cries for help will only be cries for guidance.  Never will I pray for the material things of the world.  I will pray as a salesman, in this manner –  

Oh creator of all things, help me.  For this day I go out into the world naked and alone, and without your hand to guide me I will wander far from the path which leads to success and happiness. 

I ask not for gold or garments or even opportunities equal to my ability; instead, guide me so that I may acquire ability equal to my opportunities.  Help me to remain humble through obstacles and failures; yet hide not from mine eyes the prize that will come with victory. 

Spare me sufficient days to reach my goals; yet help me to live this day as though it be my last.  Guide me in my words that they may bear fruit; yet silence me from gossip that none be aligned. 

Discipline me in the habit of trying and trying again; yet show me the way to make use of the law of averages.  Favor me with alertness to recognize opportunity.  Bathe me in good habits that the bad ones may drown.  Suffer me to know that all things shall pass; yet help me to count my blessings of today. 

But all these things be only if thy will.  I am a small and lonely grape clutching the vine yet thou hast made me different from all others.  Guide me.  Help me.  Show me the way.  Let me become all you planned for me when my seed was planted and selected by you to sprout in the vineyard of the world. 

Help this humble salesman.  Guide me, God. 

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What Does An Entrepreneur Do? Gives Hope!


People In Crisis Need Hope

There are many people who are at a crucial stage or turning point in there lives when it comes to their personal finances.

The wind of despair has snuffed out the light at the end of their personal tunnel.  And they are seeking the internet on a daily

basis looking for some kind of hope that could provide the answer to their financial troubles.  As they face their future, with hope,

and as they continue to search and google certain key phrases, they’ll find that many people, regardless of ethnicity, have come

across the very seemingly hopeless situation they are currently experiencing.  And as they continue to read about these people,

it begins to fuel inspiration and energy to their once hopeless lives.  Their internal realization triggers the idea that,  if these

people can be successful, so can they.  And that is the beauty of entrepreneurship; anyone can be successful if they aren’t

allergic to the idea of WORK.

People In Crisis Need Motivation

It’s been said that people are always seeking to be lead.  People for the most part are followers.  And there is absolutely nothing

wrong with that.  It’s only wrong when a person has no desire to grow on a personal level.  Here is where you come in.  As an

entrepreneur, provide them the vision and the hope necessary to rise above their circumstances.  And in so doing, here is what

eventually happens:  followers with a personal vision won’t remain  followers forever.  They’ll have the initiative to be proactive in

growing themselves to where they too will consequently add value to the lives of other people. It becomes a cycle of what I call,

“growth and give”.  So here’s your task as an entrepreneur in the industry of Network Marketing:  Build people and provide value

to their lives.  Motivate them to aspire to greater heights in their lives because it’s possible and necessary.  It is your moral duty

to inspire, motivate, and guide people to pursue greater heights in their lives.  So let this be said.  So let this be done.



Excuses: The Adversary To CHANGE!

Excuses:  The Adversary To CHANGE!


“For like a poisonous breath over the fields, like a mass of locusts over Egypt, so the swarm of excuses is a general plaque, a ruinous infection among men, that eats off the sprouts of the Eternal.”~ Søren Kierkegaard

People want a cop-out, listen I’m a realist and I talk about motivation, talk about all the things it takes to be a greater or are important to win and people want to use excuses all the time.~Mike Ditka

Excuses:  Some People Are Full Of It!

Excuses, excuses , people are full of excuses.  They are like belly-buttons, everyone has them.  I hear people complain and gripe all the time about the bad situation they have been dealt in life.

They hate  their jobs, hate their life, make fun of their friends, unappreciative about what life has dealt them, but then on the flip side of things, they won’t take the initiative necessary to make a change.

A person can complain all they want, but if they are not willing to change the way they think about life, their life will just be an incessant repetition of the previous year’s gripes and complaints.

The idea of thinking big or making a change terrifies many people.

I have to admit, thinking differently to make a definite change does take a lot of effort, discipline, and risks; to jettison the old garbage of thinking and replacing it with thoughts of change that are worthy of your time and energy will take many hours of reading uplifting material and visiting with mentors who will direct in the best of ways.

What are some of the risks involved in excusing excuses?

  1.  The loss of so-called friends.  Friends who do not share the same vision of change might distance themselves from you.  Understand, not everyone wants change; not everyone are willing to step out of their comfort zone.
  2. Quitting your job.  Becoming an entrepreneur is quickly becoming common place in many households of America. They have been brought to the awareness of personal responsibility and are rolling up their sleeves to changing their personal economy through a home-based business.
  3. People making fun of you.  People who have no initiative will often make fun of those who are daring and proactive, because they themselves are cowards about being decisive with their own lives.  From such people withdraw yourselves.  The sweat expended in dealing with them isn’t worth the energy, nor is it worth your time.

Your Liberation From It!

Excuses:  Are they worth it?  Obviously not!  So exactly what are you going to do to change your situation for the better?

What are your objections for change so that five years from now it won’t just be a repeat of the past year compounded five times?

Remember, only you can make a difference in your life!  So quit complaining, quit griping, because of this, that, and thus.  Step up to the plate of life and start with baby steps to making a change.  You can do it!  Why?  Because many other people in more desperate situations made a definite change in their lives, and so can you.




Releasing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Releasing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Mind of an entrepreneur

There are more than 90 million independent sales people involved in the direct selling industry who generate roughly $154 billion

of products and services annually.  Just in the U.S. alone, this industry represents $30 billion a year.  Direct sales is providing an

opportunity to millions of Americans to achieve financial and personal goals in a better business modality.

Direct Selling for the Entrepreneur

It’s the word-of-mouth business.  Whether you accept it or even realize it, we are already in it—you’re just not getting paid for it.

Let this simplicity awaken you to what you’re missing out on.  When you refer or recommend a movie or a restaurant to a friend, do the owners of these business outlets send you a check?  The answer is a resounding, NO!  But why not, we basically recommend things everyday. Simple, it’s not network marketing.

Having your own direct selling business affords you the opportunity to monetize your recommendations on a particular product or service.  “Residual” or “passive” income is one of the secrets of the wealthy.

In regards to direct selling, Bill Clinton said, “Your industry promotes core values all around the globe and gives people the chance to make the most of their lives.”

Warren Buffet declared, “The best investment I ever made.”

Direct Selling – Is It a Real Business?

The direct selling modality has been in existence for more than 50 years.  It’s responsible for generating $30 billion per year in the United States alone and $100 billion globally.

These incomes are being generated by housewives having no previous business experience; by students who just want to have another stream of income; by retirees who never understood what it meant to work for oneself and generate a substantial income from home.

Unlike traditional business owners having employees, storefront rent, a fix territory for the most part, payroll, etc.

The network marketer is void of all these nonsensical responsibilities.

Which would you choose?  A traditional business with thousands of dollars for a monthly overhead expense or a network marketing business with only a couple hundred dollars as a monthly expense.  Personally, it’s a no brainer as to what one should choose.

Take Control of Your Life!

Here’s the truth of the matter.  You will definitely need to take control of your own economy.

Starting your own direct selling business will take some effort and maybe more so than anything you’ve ever done, but at the end it’ll be worth it.

Anything worth having is worth working for.

The American dream has always been alive and is about being able to control your time, cash flow and quality of life.

Understand, it’s always your choice.

But whatever you do, do something NOW!

Because the government or your boss isn’t where you’ll find your security.

It’s ALL on YOU!

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. –Steve Jobs

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