The Movie Screen of your LIFE!

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The Movie Screen of your LIFE!


If you are truly trying to live your life above mediocrity and are doing your dead level best in taking your life a few notches higher.

Then, this article is directly written and intended for you.

As a human being trying to be somebody, I celebrate you as a person because you truly are the hero on the “movie screen” of your life.

With you, there is no “Cut!”.

There’s only light, camera, action!

And what you get is pure action.

There are no props.  No background music (apart from the nervous beating of your own heart).  No doubles.  No explosions.

It’s all entirely YOU.

You are both director and actor.

You are living on “screen”, day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute.  No rehearsals and definitely no retakes.

I may not know you personally, but one thing I do know.  Your are on the stage of your life trying to make a difference and for that I extend you kudos.

Having decided to make a commitment to the Network Marketing arena it has already recognized you as the “starring” character.

You’ve written and studied your scripts.  You’ve implemented them into your prospecting efforts.  When people said NO, you revised and improved them.

When people laughed and mocked you, you studied more personal development material.

When you felt exhausted and the temptation to quit haunted you, you continued to enliven your dreams because they are of much worth.

So, in those hours when you have the strongest inclination to quit, DON’T.

Because if you continue the course, and positively move forward one step at a time, ONE DAY, the “movie” of your life will be watched, studied, and celebrated by many upcoming Network Marketers who’ll be looking to you for inspiration and motivation.





Sincerely and Mahalo,

Andy Yanuaria (aka:  The Hawaiian Entrepreneur)



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Network Marketing – Rejection! Can You Take It?

In the area of Network Marketing, many people come and go because they join with the

preconceived idea that it’s going to be easy.  However, reality strikes hard when they

realize that “asking” and “asking” again has to become a part of their Network Marketing

spiel.  For one to succeed in network marketing, REJECTION is something they are going

to have to eliminate through personal development.

Neophytes in Network Marketing are afraid to ASK for fear of looking foolish and

stupid.  But they’re MOSTLY afraid of experiencing rejection.  If one is not willing to face

rejection, or is not willing to out grow it, then this industry is not for them.

Understand that, one has nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking.  It’s been

said that, F.E.A.R is:  False Evidence Appearing Real.  Rejection is nothing but a ‘state of

mind’.  You won’t get hurt by asking then being rejected.  Have the courage to get pass this


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